Theory of a Deadman‘s new album, Dinosaur, makes its intentions clear with its title.

Speaking with ABC Audio, frontman Tyler Connolly shares he wanted the record to be represented by a word that felt like “something that was just so huge.”

“You think about a dinosaur, I think about a T. rex or something,” Connolly says. “Not a turtle or an alligator.”

Of course, the thing about dinosaurs, other than their massive size, is that they’re extinct. You might even hear a critic call the traditional rock band a “dinosaur” in today’s music scene. Those ideas didn’t escape Connolly, either.

“Maybe there’s some metaphors there about maybe us getting older,” Connolly says. “But I personally just felt like ‘dinosaur’ was such a heavy, scary thing from the past.”

“We’ve been around a long time, maybe we feel a bit like dinosaurs,” he laughs. “I’m not sure. I just loved the word, I loved how big it sounded.”

Fittingly, Dinosaur features some prehistoric-sized riffs, as heard on the title track and lead single. With Dinosaur, Connolly and company pursued a more guitar-focused sound than they did for the last couple Theory records.

“It felt really fresh to just go back and do something that we hadn’t done in awhile: start some songs with riffs, be excited, be motivated by a guitar lick,” Connolly explains. “I think a lot of stuff was motivated by a lyric, by an emotion, before.”

Dinosaur is out now. Theory is currently touring the U.S. behind the record alongside Skillet and Saint Asonia.

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