The Latest Addition

I picked this bad boy up about two weeks ago and absolutely fell in love with it!

It’s a Squier by Fender Jazzmaster Baritone 6 string guitar. Instead of being tuned from E to E, this guitar is dropped down at B to B. SUPER LOW!

Even for the fact that it’s a Squier by Fender guitar, it still has a lot of girth to the sound and plenty of punch with the low end at B. In my opinion, Fender and Squier by Fender guitars usually have a particular sound that ends up being really “twangy” with a lot of high end presence and not a lot of low end resonance. But since this is a baritone guitar, it sounds completely different. It has Duncan Designed pickups and a 30″ scale length that make it RUMBLE!

If any of you guys are interested in talking about guitars or sharing pictures of your own equipment, hit me up at my Facebook or Twitter page!

I can talk all day about guitars!



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