The Latest Addition (Vol. II)

I finally picked up a good amp head for my rig and am very happy with it!

I bought this Mesa Boogie Single Rectifier all tube 50w amp head this last Friday before Easter, and I got a chance to try it out on my cab before heading home for Easter on Saturday.

This amp has two separate channels: clean and distorted, and the only problem I’ve seen with it so far is that the master volume knob on the clean channel has a little bit of dirt in the pot. An easy fix, but still an obvious problem when changing the volume on that channel. Otherwise, the main problem I’m running into now is that my Marshall cab seems to possibly have a problem with one of the speakers that’s making the sound distorted and dirty, even on the clean channel.

Should have everything running perfectly with this amp very soon, and I still have fun playing it, but I definitely want to get the problems fixed as soon as possible.

If you play guitar and want to talk about your rig, your guitars, or even your style of playing, send me a message on my Facebook or Twitter page and I could talk for days!



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