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The Filthy 15

Remember the PMRC? (Parents Music Resource Center) They were a bunch of uptight old ass hats that had the whole world thinking they were the saviors of all of the young people. The group formed by Tipper Gore, wife of Al Gore, and other uptight old ladies, set out to inform everyone of the dangers of Sex, Drugs and Rock n Roll. Any and all artists were on the block during this time. Instead of helping to save the children, they helped sell a bunch of records. 

PMRC-Let’s put a warning label on records we feel are bad for kids to listen to

KIDS- I want to buy every single record that has a warning label on it

After all of these years, do the “Filthy 15” still hold the weight they did in the past. I’d say NO! The 15 songs were by comparison “tame” to what lyrics you may hear in some of today’s biggest hits. 

Here’s the list and the full story from Loud Wire 

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