How much would you pay for a plate of French fries? I can get a small fry at McDonalds for less that $2.00. That’s a pretty good price. You could step it up and get a large, which may cost you a few more bucks. Would you pay hundreds of dollars for a plate of french fries? A New York restaurant thinks hundreds is fair.  Serendipity 3 is bringing back its ‘world’s most expensive fries.’

What’s so special about these fries? The restaurant uses champagne, truffles and 23K edible gold dust. That makes the fries about $200.00 a plate. IF I had an extra $200 dollars, I would certainly NOT spend it on french Fries.

There are, of course, many people that will pay the $200 for the fries. It’s a “Who’s got a bigger fry” contest. I know how big my fries are so a contest is unnecessary.

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