That guy

Hate to be “That guy” the bitches about everything but I’m sorta going there now. This is more in the form of…back in the day I use to- SO I rolled through a particular fast food drive through the other day. When I paid for my #1 burger deal, I remembered that when I was a teenager, that same package of food was half the price. I could order the same food for $2.99 and with tax it was just over $3.00 Now it’s over twice that much. I guess I’m not really bitching to loudly as you know i’ll eat there again and pay the price because that’s how it is. It’s more of a observation.

I realize things are not the same in any fashion from the 1980’s. Prices across the board are up for everything.  Thanks for letting me be “That guy” with my observation of the cost of food Back in the day.



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