LINCOLN–(KFOR June 12)–Lincoln Police had to use a taser on a 25-year-old man late Tuesday night, when he allegedly wouldn’t comply with commands and tried to get into a vehicle behind the DeLeon’s off of 27th and Starr.

Captain Todd Kocian said initially, they were called when someone saw 25-year-old Erick Hernandez run up to his vehicle while an order was being placed at the drive-thru and chased the vehicle as it drove away. Another witness said Hernandez was walking away with a knife in his hand, but it was later reported that it was only a shiny object. Officers later found Hernandez in the alley, where he allegedly refused to obey commands from police and continued reaching into his pockets.

A struggle ensued and when Hernandez tried to get into another vehicle, an officer deployed a taser. Hernandez was later arrested for disturbing the peace, obstructing a police officer and resisting arrest.

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