SZA‘s love of Creed helped Scott Stapp earn some cool points with his kids.

As previously reported, the Grammy-winning R&B star proclaimed her fandom for the “Higher” rockers during an interview with Variety, exclaiming, “They rock! That s*** is bomb!”

“Why are you hating on it?” SZA continued. “Have you ever felt more inspired and uplifted in your life? I’m in the car and I’m blasting ‘Higher,’ I feel like it’s a gospel song, the vocals are going crazy and it’s also somehow slightly romantic, it just feels so fun.”

Speaking with Revolver about SZA’s comments, Stapp shares, “It definitely made me a cool dad in my house with my teenage daughter and teenage son.”

“I thought it was awesome,” Stapp says. “It just shows that music reaches some of the most unexpected fans at times. And, I think it shows that [Creed’s] music has connected with another generation.”

Stapp adds that SZA’s remarks were especially meaningful “because of the accomplished and critically acclaimed artist that she is.”

“I also felt honored and humbled that she was inspired and liked our music,” he says. “That it connected with her. It means a lot when you hear another artist, especially one as talented as she is, comment on your work and express what she did. And so it felt good.”

For a band that hasn’t performed in over 10 years, Creed sure seems to be everywhere lately. In addition to the SZA shout-out, the group helped inspire the Texas Rangers’ 2023 World Series run, and they’re featured in a Paramount+ Super Bowl commercial. They’re also embarking on a giant reunion tour, which kicks off in April with the Summer of ’99 concert cruise.

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