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SUMMERTIME “TREATS” Going off the rails?

Let’s start with Ice Cream:

As the temperatures heat up – what ice cream flavor do you usually reach for? Strawberry? Chocolate? Good Old Vanilla?

Well, how about Wasabi ice cream? Yes, you heard that correctly. Wasabi ice cream.

Lidl’s newest Vitasia ice cream promises to “pair the freshness of warming wasabi flavoring with velvety smooth ice cream.”


The same company has also released a Ginger Lemon ice cream.

Then we move on to watermelon:


This seems to be one of the latest tiktok kicks. A writer for “delish” tried the combo and said that “It tasted really good in the weirdest of ways. The vinegar from the mustard mixed with the sweet juicy watermelon counterbalanced each other which I wasn’t expecting”.

– so I need to at least try it, right?

How about you go first?

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