Stop comparing GVF to Led

It’s been 50 years since the release of Led Zeppelin’s self-titled album, which got panned by Rolling Stone. 50 years. It’s no doubt that LZ’s influence has been heard in variations ever since, and it’s no secret that up-and-comers, Greta Van Fleet, have taken a page out of Plant’s book. Does Kiszka sound a bit like Plant? Yes. Have the managed to craft a classic rock vibe in the 20-teens? Yes! Is it worth drawing some level of comparisons between the two bands? Sure. But to condemn them for it? Hell to the *** NO!

As Lzzy Hale of Halestorm eloquently put it in an interview with Classic Rock: “As far as Greta Van Fleet and the fact that they have sprung on the scene so quickly and had so much success and so much attention and they’re so good live, I think it’s fantastic.

“I think it’s amazing because it’s kinda like it used to happen back in the 70s, but that hasn’t happened in a long time for a rock band – especially a rock band so young.

“We’re in their corner, we’re rooting for them. We’ve been on the rock scene for many years and this is a rock band who are sitting at the cool table right now and I truly think it’s going to do an amazing thing for all of us in rock’n’roll.”

Lzzy adds: “In this genre, we’ve got to root for each other and stick together and it’s never a competition. This is us representing our genre and preaching it to the masses and they’re just doing such a fantastic job with that. I wish them all the best.”

Both GVF and Halestorm have been short-listed for Grammy noms, so let’s let this rock continue to roll.




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