Have you seen Ghost live yet? Even if you only kind of like the music, the stage show is amazing. The way the band interacts with each other and with the audience is unlike any other bands out currently. The way the bands personnel handle the backstage meet n greet with The Cardinal is also amazing by comparison to many other bands that I’ve come into contact with. It’s a level of professionalism that is not matched by any other band.

When Ghost opened for Iron Maiden at PBA a year ago, I thought they took the show from Maiden. I like Maiden. Have seen Maiden many times but this time I think Ghost sounded better. Animal and I were lucky enough to meet Papa 3. He signed a few things for the station and 1 for me. It wasn’t personalized so this time I asked for it to be personalized. Lucky enough that The Cardinal was nice enough to accommodate the request.  I’ll take the previous Papa 3 and Cardinal 1 to get framed. Should be pretty bad ass!  One photo, minus my name of course, will be at this years Kampout For Kids auction. See the KFK page to see some of the items 








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