The Nebraska State Patrol (NSP) is reminding anyone who may find a suspected explosive device to immediately report it to authorities.

On Wednesday, troopers with the State Patrol Bomb Squad were called-in to examine a suspected explosive found inside an antique coffee jar. The jar was found in a box purchased at an auction.

Upon finding the device, the citizen notified the North Platte Police Department, who brought it to the attention of NSP. An NSP Hazardous Device Technician examined the jar with x-ray technology and determined that the jar contained an old M-series explosive. The device has been safely stored and will be disposed of at a later date.

“Anyone who comes across something they suspect could be an explosive device should stop immediately and call the authorities,” said Lt. Dain Hicks, Commander of the NSP Bomb Squad. “Any explosive device can be extremely dangerous and should be handled by trained experts.”

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