State Officials Celebrate Opening of Lincoln South Beltway

(KFOR NEWS  December 12, 2022)   The Nebraska Department of Transportation (NDOT), with Governor Pete Ricketts and other invited guests, will host an event on December 14th to celebrate the opening of Lincoln South Beltway to all traffic.  Hawkins Construction Company has completed major construction on the mainline of the Lincoln South Beltway, one of the largest projects NDOT has undertaken.

Construction of the 11-mile, east-west, four-lane freeway will reduce congestion on Nebraska Highway 2 through Lincoln and improve regional mobility.   Work began in February of 2020, and this project had a total cost of $352 million.  Thanks to the Build Nebraska Act and TIGER Grant funding, NDOT was able to commit the resources required to build the Lincoln South Beltway.

While the Lincoln South Beltway will be open to traffic at the 68th Street and 120th Street interchanges, the Jamaica Ave/38th Street, 82nd/84th Street interchanges will remain closed as work continues.  Final construction is anticipated to be completed fall 2024.

The existing portion of Nebraska Highway 2 that runs through Lincoln will be relinquished to the City and renamed Nebraska Parkway.

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