Spiritbox dropped their debut album, Eternal Blue, in 2021 and has followed it up with a pair EPs, 2022’s Rotoscope and 2023’s The Fear of Fear. For their next project, the Canadian metallers are planning another full-length record.

“We gotta do it,” frontwoman Courtney LaPlante tells Revolver. “We’ve been … not holding off, but it’s been really nice to have the instant gratification of putting out music when we’re actually done with it versus creating it and then sitting on it and doing a traditional cycle. But honestly, we want to prove it to ourselves that we can do another album and it’s gonna go well.”

“I thought that having some sort of success in the first one would make me feel like I’ve proved it to myself,” she continues. “But in fact it’s just made us even more driven and on-edge. Like, we don’t feel comfortable at all. We’re like, ‘We gotta prove ourselves again.’”

As for what the upcoming effort will sound like, LaPlante says that she isn’t sure yet, but shares, “I do think that whatever it is will feel very flexible.”

“We wanted to prove that we could edit our songs down to letting the songs speak for themselves, and not have the band overplaying and stumbling all over the songs,” she says. “It’s just hard for a bunch of really good, talented musicians to show restraint sometimes. But I like a little bit of restraint so the whole song feels like a full song, not just listening to someone showing off for five minutes.”

Elsewhere in the interview, LaPlante speaks on Spiritbox’s Best Metal Performance Grammy nomination and their collaboration with Megan Thee Stallion on an updated version of the rapper’s “Cobra” single.

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