Ready yourself for new Spiritbox music.

In an interview with NME, frontwoman Courtney LaPlante teases that the group has “new stuff on the horizon.”

“I think everyone will be pleasantly surprised this year,” she says.

Spiritbox put out their debut album, Eternal Blue, in 2021, which they followed with a new EP, Rotoscope, in 2022. Their latest release, the single “The Void,” dropped in April.

“It’s funny because we’ve written new stuff — I already want to write new stuff and outdo that,” LaPlante says. “And I want to challenge myself to do that.”

“Ultimately, it’s all like, free therapy, writing,” she continues. “I’m trying to keep it like that, not thinking about what our fans want to hear, or what you guys want to hear from us, just what comes out. My mindset is: ‘Does it make me feel happy to get this message out and feel good to sing? Awesome. Let’s cut it and put it on there.’”

Spiritbox will be touring the U.S. this fall alongside Shinedown and Papa Roach.

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