Sparky’s Book Club

I like books. Yes I said it…I like books.  Just finishing up the Sebastian Bach book “18 And Life On Skid Row”and stoked to get into the new Van Halen book “Runnin’ With The Devil” written by the bands one time manager Noel E Monk.

The Sebastian Bach book is pretty good. I had hoped he would dive further into the reasons he left or was fired from Skid Row. He talked about it but I didn’t get a clear cut reason why he was out of the band. I’m not even going to speculate. Don’t get me wrong, it was a great read. It takes you from his childhood, into Skid Row, his time on Broadway and on and on. I highly suggest you look into it. I purchased a signed copy from Barnes & Noble. It is quite possible that they’re still available.

My book collection is pretty much all band bio’s. It’s cool to get a glimpse into the state of  mind of your favorite artist/band. Even if you don’t want to know, you can’t put the book down. There seems to be 1 or 2 recurring themes. The artist used music to get them through at troubled childhood or they got heavily into drugs. The drug theme is of no surprise. I amazed that some of my favorite artists/bands are still alive after the massive amount of drugs they’ve taken over a long period of time. All in all, it’s just cool to see that no matter how big of an artist they are, they’re still just human like your or me. That’s my favorite part. We put so many artists on a pedestal. In reality, we’re not far off from them, we’re just not in a band. Give the Sebastian Bach book a read. If Skid Row wasn’t your band, there are so many options out there. I’m sure your favorite artist/band has something on paper. Until next time.




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