With arterial streets clear and mostly dry, Mayor Chris Beutler lifted the snow emergency parking ban at 8 a.m. Monday.  Where allowed, parking will again be available on major streets after this time.  Residential street parking bans are not in effect.

More than 30 crews had plowed residential streets and patrolled and treated arterial streets.  Even though residents experience normal driving conditions on arterial streets, they should remain alert for slick areas and black ice from dropping temperatures overnight, especially on side streets and untreated sidewalks.

Many residential streets are clear of snow, but are snow-packed.  Slow down, and allow extra travel time and stopping distance.  Please exercise caution around City crews and allow them plenty of room to work.

Property owners are responsible for clearing sidewalks and driveway entrances.  It is illegal to push or blow snow into or on any street, alley or sidewalk, and violators are subject to a fine.  Those unable to clear their properties can call 402-441-7644 or visit lincoln.ne.gov (keyword: snow angels) to request volunteer assistance.  Volunteer sign-up is also available at this website.