Snow Emergency Has Ended On Lincoln’s Main Roadways

LINCOLN–(KFOR Feb. 17)- As of 8am Friday, the snow emergency ended for the city of Lincoln, but a residential parking ban will stay in effect.

The snow emergency applied to all main arterial roadways, including school, bus and emergency snow routes, which have been cleared over and over since the end of the snowfall Thursday afternoon.

The residential parking ban means that parking is banned only on the odd side or south and west sides of residential streets. This will assist snowplow crews in clearing neighborhood streets faster and more efficiently for city workers already putting in long hours past their normal eight-hour a day shift.

Tim Byrne is LTU’s operations and maintenance manager and told KFOR News, “Anytime we get into these 24-hour operations, that’s a change in life for everyone of those folks that are out there providing a service.”

Crews will be out in the residential areas plowing to make sure those streets are cleared and drivable as much as possible.

Lincoln’s official snow fall total from Thursday is 8.8 inches, the official reading recorded at the Lincoln Airport.  Other parts of town picked up anywhere from 8 to 11 inches.

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