(KFOR Lincoln September 30, 2023) As we gear up for another home football game, he Nebraska Department of Transportation (NDOT) wants to remind you that the dangers of speeding can catch up with you in an instant. When you drive over the speed limit – even by just a few miles per hour – you’re not only risking your own safety but also the lives of others on the road. Even slight speed violations can have dire consequences:

  • Higher Crash Risk: Speeding remains a top cause of crashes. It reduces reaction time and increases the likelihood of collisions.
  • Longer Stopping Distances: When driving at 60 mph, it takes an entire football field’s length (100 yards) to stop your vehicle. At 75 mph, it takes a staggering 1.5 football fields (150 yards).
  • Legal Consequences: Speeding can lead to fines, points on your record, higher insurance premiums, and license suspension.

Prioritize safety this season. Whether you’re heading to Memorial stadium or watching the game on TV, remember that getting to your destination safely is more important than getting there quickly. Obey speed limits to help reduce the risk of crashes and follow NDOT’s recommended routes to get there safely.

When coming to the game, drivers arriving in Lincoln on I-80 from the west should take Exit 397 (south U.S. Highway 77 (US-77)) to Rosa Parks Way into downtown Lincoln. Drivers arriving in Lincoln on I-80 from the east should take Exit 401 to south Interstate 180 (I-180) into downtown Lincoln.

When leaving the game, drivers should avoid Exit 409 between Lincoln and Waverly as it may be closed due to safety concerns as heavy interstate traffic builds. This may significantly increase traffic on US-6 and cause slowdowns. Leaving downtown Lincoln immediately after the game can put you in heavy traffic. Spending some extra time in town may allow traffic to ease up and provide a smoother ride home.

Within Lincoln, there are several active City of Lincoln construction projects. More information can be found at the City of Lincoln’s street closures map. Within Lincoln, there are several active City of Lincoln construction projects. More information can be found at the City of Lincoln’s street closures map. Additional reminders, resources, and tips are also available from the City of Lincoln. Fans are reminded that the University of Nebraska has implemented a clear bag policy to enter Memorial Stadium.

Drivers are encouraged to be patient, allow extra time to get to their destinations, plan ahead, and check 511.nebraska.gov for real time traffic information. Stay safe – buckle up, phone down, avoid distractions, and adjust your speed and following distance if you encounter a slowdown. If drivers are in a crash during gameday traffic, move both vehicles to the shoulder, if possible, before reporting the incident.

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