Following Iron Maiden‘s collaboration with the video game Dead by Daylight, Slipknot is up next: The masked metallers’ collab with the game will drop March 26.

In Dead by Daylight, players can either be a Killer or one of four Survivors. As their titles suggest, the Killer is tasked with eliminating the Survivors, who must work together in order to do just that.

Appropriately, the partnership with Slipknot only affects the game’s Killer characters. Players can choose between seven masks or one complete outfit for the character The Legion, inspired by Slipknot DJ Sid Wilson.

The other characters will sport the following masks: The Wraith’s Metallic Grill, based on Mick Thomson; The Deathslinger’s Dominant Eye, based on Jim Root; The Clown’s Grim Circus, based on Shawn “Clown” Crahan; The Hillbilly’s Engraved Flesh, based on Vman; The Doctor’s Zipper Mouthpiece, based on the band’s unknown keyboard player, The Trapper’s Ashen Quake, based on Corey Taylor; and The Blight’s molded visage, based on Michael Pfaff.

(The Slipknot talk comes 1:14:00 into the video)

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