Sheriff’s Office Employees Who Find New Deputies Eligible For Bonuses

Lincoln, NE (August 2, 2022)  Employees of the Lancaster County Sheriff’s office who refer new deputies will be in line for bonuses over the next year. The County Board today approved a $2-thousand dollar bonus for any referral from a sheriff’s office employee that leads to the hiring of a deputy. Sheriff’s Captain John Vik told KFOR News that finding new deputies has been getting harder recently.

“Over the past several years we’ve noticed a significant decrease in the number of applicants that we are receiving for our Deputy Sheriff positions.  We’re doing everything we can to try and turn that trend around.”

Commissioners approved a one year pilot program for the bonuses.

“We have six current vacancies for Deputies” Vik said.  “That’s kind of ebbed and slowed over the past several months.  We’ve been as high as 9 or 10.”

Captain Vik says he believes that current employees will be good recruiters.

“They’re aware of what the job takes, and we recognize that someone who’s referring somebody personally, face to face, is going to have much more effective results than a billboard you see on the highway or just an ad that you run across when you’re scrolling on Facebook.”

Prospective Sheriff’s Deputies do not have to wait to be recruited by a current employee, however.

“We are taking applications for Deputy Sheriff as we speak.  They’re open through the end of August.  This is an entry level position, law enforcement experience is not required.”

Anyone interested can find information at 

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