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Shaun of Seether and I AGREE!

Shaun Morgan is bashing social media.

In a new interview, the Seether frontman said he thinks it’s partly responsible for mental illness and addiction.

Morgan explained how watching his daughter grow up in the age of social media has shown him how detrimental it can be to self worth.
He said, “I just had a massive traumatic experience with my 19-year-old daughter. She’s the perfect case study for somebody who grew up for the past five or six years on Instagram, on Facebook, on all of these social media things, and how much of her self-esteem is so deeply embedded in little thumbs up and little likes and things from people she’s never met and probably never will meet.”

He went on to say, “Let the kids have a childhood before you throw them online, which I think is absolutely disgusting that they want to monetize children, because that’s really what it is. They want to turn innocent children, little babies, into a product they can sell and market and make money off of. That in itself should make people abandon these platforms in disgust.”

Spot on Shaun –

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