Along with releasing a new Sevendust album, Truth Killer, frontman Lajon Witherspoon has continued chipping away at his debut solo album.

“I’m excited, there’s probably over 20 songs that I have,” Witherspoon tells ABC Audio. “There’s some record label interest, which is exciting, too.”

Witherspoon has been working on his solo album since at least 2020 and shares that he’s been “taking my time” with the project.

“It’s like chess, I just wanna make the right move,” Witherspoon says. “But I will be leaking out some music here soon.”

“Sevendust is the most important thing, I wanna make sure that this baby has its wings on it,” he adds. “You’ll be hearing some of my solo stuff soon.”

For the solo album, Witherspoon’s been working with writers including Andrew Baylis and Michael Withworth, who’ve also collaborated with Jelly Roll, including on the country-rocker’s hit single “Dead Man Walking.”

“I love [Jelly Roll’s] work, I love his writers that I work with,” Witherspoon says. “Everything is so exciting, I’m very happy for him. And I love the fact that he’s able to cross over and not be afraid to go out on tours with Shinedown and get out there and just rock and everybody be accepting, and it doesn’t always have to be all the same.”

Sevendust’s Truth Killer is out now. They’re currently supporting the album on tour with Alter Bridge and Mammoth WVH.

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