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Senator Sasse Calls Out Pelosi For “Stonewalling” the USMCA Trade Agreement

On Wednesday, Nebraska U.S. Senator Ben Sasse took to the Senate floor to call out House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for stonewalling the United States, Mexico, Canada Trade Agreement (USMCA.)Senator Sasse said, “Time is running out, and we don’t want to let our farmers and ranchers face 2020 with the uncertainty and confusion they now feel. These Nebraskans want to do business. They want to trade. We want to win… The clown show in the House of Representatives shouldn’t bring everything to a grinding halt. It shouldn’t stop us from doing right by our farmers and ranchers.”

Sasse says that by stopping the trade agreement that Pelosi and the Democrats are taking Nebraska agriculture hostage. He emphasized that agreeing to this trade agreement would be a win for the United States and also Mexico and Canada. He then preceded to say that the USMCA needs to be passed immediately before Congress leaves for the holiday season.

“If we don’t pass USMCA this year, we’re going to send a very different signal to our potential partners. If Speaker Pelosi and House Democrats can’t get their act together on USMCA, they’ll be telling the whole world that we may or may not be open for business. It all depends on short-term political posturing. That’s the message they are sending now, and that’s a message that might be cemented if this calendar year ends without passing USMCA.” said Senator Sasse.

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