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Senator Fischer’s Bill Bars Use of Judgement Fund

(KFOR NEWS  November 5, 2021)   Nebraska U.S. Republican Senator, Deb Fischer on Thursday introduced the Judgment Fund Accountability Act, calling for an increase in transparency and oversight of the U.S. Treasury Department’s Judgment Fund.

The legislation would bar the Treasury Department from using the Judgment Fund to provide payments to thousands of migrants who entered the country illegally.  More broadly, it would provide members of Congress and hardworking Americans with the ability to see exactly how taxpayer dollars are being spent out of this fund, which is an issue Sen. Fischer has raised concerns with for years.  Senator Fischer”s bill is an update to the Judgment Fund Transparency Act, which she introduced in 2013.

President Biden says his administration will not financially compensate families who were separated at the border with up to $450,000 in damages, rejecting reports about the hundreds of thousands of dollars in payments as “garbage.”  Soon after the president’s declaration, however, the executive director of the American Civil Liberties Union said the plan is in the works, and questioned whether Biden has been briefed about it.

Nebraska U.S. Republican Senator, Ben Sasse, issued the following statement:  “The Administration needs to get its act together. The President seemed to take payments off the table Wednesday, but his press secretary is saying something different.  Look, this isn’t complicated: the federal government shouldn’t be giving illegal immigrants more money than we give gold star families. This whole thing is nuts.”

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