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Sen. Sasse: New Poll Is A Warning

Lincoln, NE – Nebraska Senator Ben Sasse released the following statement after a new poll revealed growing support for communism among millennials.

“This poll is a warning that America’s got a civics crisis. America doesn’t work if we don’t pass it down to the next generation and we’re not.” said Sasse “When corporate America – everyone from Disney to the NBA – is parroting the Chinese Communist Party’s propaganda, it’s important that our families, schools, and communities teach and celebrate the American idea. Griping about ‘kids these days’ isn’t going to change anything, we have to get off our butts and teach our kids and grandkids that commies don’t serve avocado toast in the gulags.”

The study, commissioned by the Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation, found that:

  • More than one-in-three millennials have a favorable view of communism (an 8% increase from last year);
  • An overwhelming majority of millennials support socialists;
  • Only 57% of millennials believe the Declaration of Independence better “guarantees freedom and equality” over the Communist Manifesto;
  • Only about half of millennials believe that free speech is more important than social harmony;
  • 72% of Americans incorrectly say that communism has killed less than 100 million people in the past 100 years.


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