Garret Hanika (Courtesy of Lincoln Police)

LINCOLN–(KFOR Nov. 22)–Lincoln Police on Wednesday released security photos and provided additional information into Tuesday afternoon’s sequence of events in an officer-involved shooting of a wanted man, with him running over his passenger outside a north Lincoln motel.

Acting Police Chief Michon Morrow said they had received information regarding 35-year-old Garret Hanika, who was wanted on a federal warrant out of Council Bluffs for a probation violation for possession of a weapon. Hanika is a suspect in a theft of multiple firearms and ammunition.

It was shortly before 12:30pm Tuesday when an officer saw an orange Jeep driven by Hanika in the parking lot of the Microtel Inn and Suites west of 27th and Fairfield and called for additional help.  The security photo below shows an LPD cruiser parked behind the Jeep and the officer walking up to it.

Security photo showing LPD cruiser behind a suspect vehicle outside the Microtel Inn and Suites. (Courtesy of Lincoln Police)








The next photo below shows one of two times the suspect reversed and rammed the cruiser. Morrow said shortly after this, Hanika tried to hit the officer with his vehicle.

Courtesy of Lincoln Police.












A third photo shows the vehicle up next to a building,  after the officer shot at the vehicle twice, hitting Hanika.

Courtesy of Lincoln Police.











Morrow said the 39-year-old woman, who was a passenger of Hanika’s, got out of the Jeep and he ran her over. Employees at a nearby business gave officers a jack to help rescue the woman from underneath the Jeep. Morrow said the woman has serious, “life altering injuries” and is still in the hospital.

Hanika was taken to the hospital with minor injuries to his head and lower extremities. He was later put in jail for the federal warrant as well as charges of first degree assault, attempted first degree assault on an officer, use of a deadly weapon and resisting arrest with a deadly weapon.

The officer who shot the suspect was not injured and was put on administrative leave, which is standard procedure following an officer-involved shooting.