Scott Stapp doesn’t just take you “Higher” on his latest solo album, he takes you on a journey.

The record titled Higher Power reflects what the Creed frontman has gone through personally over the last few years, starting around January 2021 when he felt an “overwhelming compulsion” to get in the studio.

“It was the beginning of a long journey through a very challenging time in my life, which this album documents in real time, and, really, from the first song to the last, expresses the narrative of what I was going through,” Stapp tells ABC Audio.

To tell that narrative, Stapp uses a variety of different sounds beyond the hard rock heard on the lead single and title track.

“The album became what it is not by any kind of pre-planned vision,” Stapp explains. “But just what the vibe was, the moment was, the feeling was, and how the instrumentation and the music around what was coming out of me and what was being created fit the song.”

Stapp mentions songs including “If These Walls Could Talk,” which features Dorothy, and “Dancing in the Rain,” among those that might surprise listeners. “If These Walls Could Talk” is a song that Stapp feels “completely captured exactly what I was feeling at that moment in time” and that also reflects what he’s been feeling for “decades.” “Dancing in the Rain” is more of an aspirational song.

“It was just another song to give myself hope and to kinda project to the universe, ‘This is where I’m gonna be,’” Stapp says. “And I’m gonna believe that I’m gonna get there no matter what. So that’s a place I wanna get to and I know I’m gonna get there.”

Higher Power is out now.

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