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Say what?

I’ll be honest with you. There are just some words that I can’t quite get right when coming out of my mouth. It’s frustrating! It somehow appears that I’m not alone in mispronouncing several words.

The U.S. Captioning Company, which produces subtitles for live TV, surveyed its members to come up with the list of the most mispronounced words this year.

Here are the one’s TV anchors and broadcasters got wrong the most.

  • Dalgona (tal-goh-NAH): A Korean treat made with melted sugar and baking soda, from the hit show Squid Game
  • Dogecoin (DOHJ-coin): Despite having an image of a dog as its logo, the cryptocurrency’s name isn’t so straightforward
  • Shein (SHEE-in): A popular “fast fashion” company
  • Stefanos Tsitsipas (STEH-fuh-nohs TSEE-tsee-pas): Greek tennis player, ranked fourth in the world
  • Omicron (AH-muh-kraan): A new variant of COVID-19
  • Glasgow (GLAHZ-go): Yes, as in the city

I don’t find my self using more than about


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