Rubber bands

Today’s entry has nothing to do with music. Animal asked if I had any rubber bands handy to put together a prize package for a listener. I said yes and went to my desk to get one. On the way to my desk I remember a time when I was a paper boy. I was maybe 14. A good majority of the people on my route were elderly. All very nice people and appreciative of the fact that I actually put the paper where they asked day after day. I had all the respect in the world for these people.  Back when I delivered the paper you had to go house to house to collect the money. I think it may have been $5.40 a month. One of my customers had this giant Victorian home. She was a widower and only used the kitchen, living room and a 1st floor bedroom. The rest of the home was sealed off to save on heat and air conditioning. This one afternoon I dropped off the paper and asked to collect the monthly fee. She said “I’ll be right back with your check, and some rubbers.”  Rubbers? I’m 14 and knew what a rubber was, but hadn’t actually used one yet so I freaked out a bit. She came back with a check and a handful of rubber bands. Phew.



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