Robert from Metallica!

Metallica bassist Robert Trujillo says the band’s live shows can get “scary.”

Although he’s incredibly experienced, he can still get stage fright.

In a new interview, he explained that the band like to mix things up.

He said, “As Metallica, we keep ourselves on our toes. And we take a lot of pride in trying to keep a certain type of energy that really resonates with our fans, and they can have fun with it, and we can have fun with it as well, so nothing gets sort of jaded. And also, for me, the duet moment with Kirk where he and I get up there and we’re really on our own. That can be very scary. But it’s also, again, challenging because we’re kind of stripped down.”

Trujillo went on to say, “And then in Europe, we would cover songs that were sort of maybe classics in that country. So we’d be like, in Warsaw or something, or in Moscow, we’re covering an artist who’s a huge icon in that country, and we’re covering that song and I’m singing it in their language. That’s the scariest thing ever, but that’s what we do. We try and keep things interesting.”

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