Road to Sturgis

Wednesday 8.8 Great day of riding yesterday followed buy Ramon noodles on stage with Granny 4 Barrel and Tom Kiefer.

I’ve been trying to get to Custer State Park for 2 years. For various reasons, it just hasn’t worked out. Yesterday was the day!! We Hit Iron Mountain road over to Custer. ┬áJust a suggestion if you ever ride it. When the sign says 15mph, its really 15mph. The switch back turns are really hairy but amazing all at the same time. About 10 miles worth. Finally got into Custer State park. Only seen 1 Buffalo. Hit Needles Hwy and another long road of back and fourth twist and turns, switch backs, one lane tunnels and scenery you can’t imagine. This is what Sturgis is about. Riding in the Black Hills. For me it’s not about the shows, not about the ride here, not about going downtown or anything else. It’s about the ride in the mountains. So Beautiful. We capped off the night with a cup of Asian noodles. Because its Sturgis and it’s the Full Throttle Saloon the only place to eat said noodles is on stage while watching Granny 4 Barrel (look them up..great band) and Cinderella’s Tom Kiefer. Come on where else do you expect me to eat a late dinner?

Heading to Deadwood today. I’ll plan on loosing $10. I’m either really cheap or really smart. Either way, I’m only leaving $10 or I’m making whatever I’m making.




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