Road To Sturgis -The roads end

Saturday 8.11-Spent my the final day (Friday) at the rally in downtown Sturgis. Outside of doing some serious riding, I originally set a goal to find some more black parts for my bike, pick up a new leather jacket, cuz I need another one..not really, and some new bandannas. Done and done. I ran into Donald Trump and Kim Jong-Un They were creepy as F. Check the pic HA!

Ran into my friend Derek fro Xotic Customs. He has a killer custom shop right here in Lincoln. He put 2 bikes in the American Iron bike show  during the rally and picked up awards for both. Cornfed Cartel got 1st place for softail customs and Xotic Dancer took 2nd place.

The road home-Up early and on the road. The ride home is always harder than the ride there. The ride there is ‘Yeah..we’re going to Fn Sturgis!” the ride home is 5-10 mph over the speed limit. IF necessary 15 over because it’s only 70mph in Iowa   70mph Iowa? R u kidding me right now? It was another solid year of seeing amazing mountain views, cool custom bikes and meeting cool new people. see you next year Sturgis



Xotic Customs cornfed Cartel
Xotic Customs Xotic Dancer

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