Road to Sturgis

Thursday 9.9- Nice ride to Deadwood for the day. Had a killer lunch at the Deadwood Social Club above Saloon #10. A visit to Michael Ballards new Deadwood Distillery featuring Full Full Throttle S’loonshine.

The best way to not loose money at a casino is to not go to the casino. Done and done.

Jeff and Roman from Jackyl have a cook book called Dawg eat Dawg. They made a few of the tasty dishes and signed some books at the FTS store in the afternoon (pic below)  Followed that up with a Dawg eat Dawg shrimp boil at the Jackyl FTS compound and Steel Panther!!!!!! A complete day at the 87th surges Rally

Spearfish on Tap today




I LOVE COFFEE Material Happy V Day It’s Friday. You need a good laugh World problems 6 Bucks?