Rival Sons in my Yoga Flow

I’ve become a real big fan of Rival Sons recently. I can’t wait for their show this month.

Over the last 6-7 months, I’ve been going through my training to become a certified yoga instructor. It’s been pretty enlightening, and I’m on the precipice of completing my course this weekend, during which time I’ll be sharing my “practicum” with all of my fellow yoga trainees.

It’s basically me hosting a 20-min class in which I get to create a yoga sequence, cue people through the poses, help them to relax, and most importantly, craft a playlist for the experience. 20 minutes is not a very long time, and most yoga classes are close to 60-min, so picking the perfect songs is important. Also, I wanted my students to really get a sense of who I am through my playlist and practice, so I couldn’t settle for the basic “ommmmm” or instrumental tracks that I typically hear. Don’t get me wrong, there’s some of that in there, there has to be! But being Meta, I also had to show my love of modern rock, so of course Rival Sons was at the top of my list.

Some might argue that rock doesn’t have it’s place in a yoga class, but you know me… I don’t care what people think! So I added Rival Son’s “Feral Roots” smack dab in the middle of my yoga flow. Right when we’re doing some bad ass standing poses, and reminded ourselves to stay rooted with the earth. The lyrics are so perfectly pertinent for a yoga practice, reminding you to stay open, to dream, that your roots will guide you home. CAN I GET AN AMEN!

Take a listen, and do some downward dogs while you’re at it. Maybe I’ll see you on the mat someday.



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