Our media partner 1011 Now reports the retail vacancy rate here in Lincoln is the highest it’s been in five years, this according to a new study from local realtors. The results of the study aren’t surprising after several big box stores closed their doors.

Those closures left hundreds of thousands of square feet of open space with places like Toys-R-Us and Younkers still empty.

With more stores like Shopko and Sears on their way out, 10/11 NOW asked people in the area what they would like to see take their place.

“Something for year round, because we are all sick of the cold and it would help people get out and have a good time,” said Kim Moss. “I was thinking it would be nice just to have another general merchandise store with a variety,” said Eunice Hibbs.

One after another we have been seeing the closings of big-box stores.

“The whole retail environment is changing nationally and locally,” said NAI FMA Realty Sales and Leasing Associate, Sally Delair. Delair says this is a result of more apps, delivery services and online ordering.

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