LINCOLN–(KFOR Apr. 3)–A bill in the Nebraska Legislature would propose reinstatement of the winner-take-all system for electing presidential and vice-presidential candidates, where all electoral votes go to candidates who receive the highest number of votes in the state.

LB 764 is a bill introduced by Central City Senator Loren Lippincott.

Governor Jim Pillen on Tuesday issued a statement, saying he strongly supports the bill, which would put Nebraska in line with 48 other states. Pillen added the bill would “better reflect the founders’ intent, and ensure our state speaks with one unified voice in presidential elections.”

Civic Nebraska, meanwhile, issued the following statement regarding the developments of LB 764.

“A last-minute attempt to change the state’s long-standing law undermines this well-honed process. It circumvents the necessary scrutiny and debate essential for effective policymaking, compromises the integrity of the legislative process, and risks a reckless, ill-conceived law with unwelcome consequences,” according to the statement.

Civic Nebraska officials concluded by saying, “If the Nebraska Legislature succumbs to this last-minute pressure from outside interests, Civic Nebraska is prepared to bring this issue to Nebraskans via referendum in November.”


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