If you’re a fan of prog metal, then it’ll be hard to beat Dream Theater‘s Dreamsonic tour.

The traveling festival launches Friday, June 16, in Cedar Park, Texas, and will be headlined by Dream Theater. It will also feature the similarly inclined Devin Townsend and Animals as Leaders on the bill.

“It’d been some time since we felt that we were spearheading a kind of festival that was based around bands similar to Dream Theater,” vocalist James LaBrie tells ABC Audio.

Each Dreamsonic show, LaBrie declares, will provide a “real epic evening of great musicianship and really, really cool songs” that will have its own distinct feeling from past Dream Theater tours.

“This is our own umbrella, and it’s under our terms of the way that we wanna see the evening and the experience for the fans unfold,” LaBrie explains. “So I think in that sense it’ll definitely create some excitement and it will have its own entity or brand, so to speak.”

LaBrie adds that you can expect an onstage collaboration between all the bands on the lineup.

“If I was to go out and see a few bands together every night and at one point in the evening they all came onstage and did their jam and their collaboration, that’s exciting,” LaBrie says. “You see that camaraderie and that musicianship all in one spot. It’s pretty cool.”

The Dreamsonic tour concludes July 26 in Phoenix, Arizona.

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