As country artists such as Jelly Roll and HARDY are crossing over to rock radio, you can also hear a bit of twang in Pop Evil‘s current single, “Skeletons.”

Speaking to ABC Audio about the song, frontman Leigh Kakaty shares that his idea for “Skeletons” initially originated from a cinematic place.

“Sometimes songs come to me, like, in a music video or movie-type form,” Kakaty says.

The movie Kakaty envisioned for “Skeletons” was a classic Western.

“You’re at the saloon, you got the cowboy hat on, you got all the attire, and you step outside, and it’s just … a ghost town,” Kakaty says. “You see just all this landscape, and you see this guy just walking down the center of the road.”

“It’s almost like everyone bolted,” he continues. “It’s almost like the world’s ended, and you’re the only one left at it.”

Kakaty felt the country feel of “Skeletons” helped bring that movie in his head to life.

“It has that little bit of a country vibe at the beginning and then, boom, that big rock chorus,” Kakaty says. “I think sometimes meshing these genres, it’s what Pop Evil’s kind of always done, if you look back at our catalog. We’ve never really tried to stand still.”

“Skeletons” is the title track off Pop Evil’s latest album, which also includes the singles “Eye of the Storm” and “Paranoid (Crash & Burn).” It’s hit the top 10 on Billboard‘s Mainstream Rock Airplay chart.

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