Pop Evil‘s “Skeletons,” the title track and current single off the band’s new album, has hit #1 on Billboard‘s Mainstream Rock Airplay chart. While the country-tinged tune brings a different kind of sound to Pop Evil’s discography, the song itself is about all of our similarities.

“‘Skeletons,’ it’s very simple, we all got ’em,” frontman Leigh Kakaty tells ABC Audio. “Whether it’s in our closet or we’re hiding them deep, deep down as secrets, or whether it’s just the bones in our body, we all got ’em, and that’s what makes us all similar, even though we’re all so different.”

He adds, “It’s up to us to find those similarities to make us love rather than hate.”

With both the song and the album Skeletons, Kakaty hopes to “send some kind of positivity out in the world.”

“Hopefully it comes back to help somebody, and they can relate to understand that, you know, you’re not alone, man,” he says. “That person, you may not get along with them, but they got that same kind of skeleton right in their body, as well. They still bleed red.”

The idea of “Skeletons” is present throughout the album — Pop Evil knew they wanted to call the record Skeletons even before coming up with the song — and the word also pops up in the cut “Worth It.”

“When you’ve got an album and you can really embrace the concept, it comes out in the other songs,” Kakaty says.

Skeletons the album was released in March. Pop Evil’s current Flesh & Bone tour in support of the record concludes November 22 in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

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