LINCOLN–(KFOR June 17)–Governor Jim Pillen on Monday announced in his weekly column sent out to the media and state lawmakers that he is formally calling a special session to fix property taxes.

Pillen laid out information through preliminary property tax valuation estimates, which he said, showed double-digit increases in 57 of Nebraska’s 93 counties.  Boone County saw the largest increase at 28%, while in the state’s three largest counties, Douglas saw an 8% bump, Lancaster had a 5% increase and Sarpy’s was 11%.  Pillen said with the valuation increases, you pay more in property taxes and it’s due to “a spending problem here in Nebraska.”

“It’s time we have transformational change in our tax code. It’s time that we stop taxing Nebraskans out of their homes. We can solve this problem with a broad tax base and low tax rate,” Pillen said.  “This will reduce the burden on homeowners, ranchers, and farmers and put more of a tax burden on the special interests that have received a free ride for the past 60 years.”

Pillen ended his column by saying,”I vow to do everything in my power as your Governor to cut your property taxes. To any state senator reading this — clear your schedule from July 26 to August 15. We have the people’s work to do.”


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