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Is it just me or am I paranoid? I wash my hands, pick up my phone and instantly feel like I need to wash them again? Even when I’m home I’m washing my hands at least 5 times. I’ve always washed my hands before leaving the bathroom or when necessary. I’ve always used the cleaning towels at the store to push the cart. I’ve been careful. Now I’m so afraid of getting sick i’m loosing my mind washing my hands. Wondering if that person I just seen in the gas station has Corona. It’s a bit ridiculous. I know we’ll all get thru this if we stay smart, stay 6 feet from each other when necessary and stay home because we need to. It’s a crazy time. It will however be interesting how we as humans will change our daily habits after this is over. Ok, I’ve typed on this keyboard and there could be germs on it. Gotta get some hand sanitizer. ARGH

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