LINCOLN–(KFOR/News Release June 27)–Paid parental leave is now being offered to Lancaster County employees.

On Tuesday, the Lancaster County Board of Commissioners approved of amendments to the personnel rules and related benefits resolutions that allows covered county employees to use six weeks of paid leave following the birth of an employee’s child or when a child is in the process of being adopted or put into foster care with an employee.
Paid parental leave supplements the twelve weeks of unpaid leave currently afforded to eligible employees by the Family and Medical Leave Act.

In a statement, County Board members say this new benefit will serve to attract talented individuals to join the Lancaster County team and will aid in the retention of our outstanding current staff in a competitive employment market.  In addition, paid time off for new parents contributes to healthy child development, improves maternal health, supports a partner’s involvement in childcare, and enhances families’ economic security.

County Board Chair, Christa Yoakum, stated, “We care about the health, well-being, and quality of life of the exceptional individuals who work for Lancaster County, along with their families.  Paid time off to care for or bond with a child alleviates the stress of having to choose between caregiver and work responsibilities, thereby enhancing employee productivity and morale and increasing our retention rate.”

County Board Vice-Chair, Sean Flowerday, added, “Paid parental leave is an important tool in keeping Lancaster County competitive with topflight employers in our community and strengthens our strategic commitment to being an ‘employer of choice.’”