Opponents of Proposed High-rise Building Testify Before Lincoln City Council

LINCOLN–(KFOR Mar. 7)–Members of the Lincoln City Council on Monday heard testimony, mostly from opponents, to a proposed 254-foot high-rise building on the northwest corner of 9th and “P” Streets.

Concerns ranged from construction affecting business, especially coming off of the impacts from the COVID-19 pandemic, to parking availability.

“Where are the additional parking stalls going to come from to accommodate the 22 floors of, not only tenants, but also other business owners and their vehicles?” Haymarket business owner Mike Martin asked during the public hearing.

Lincoln businessman Steve Glenn is involved in developing the project and told the Council parking wouldn’t be a problem because the developers plan to reserve 200 spots in a parking garage. People living in the building would have 100% valet parking. A solution about parking for the 17 stalls on the north side of “P” Street was brought up at a recent neighborhood meeting.

Kevin Witcher, who owns Screamers restaurant, told the Council that won’t be a difference maker.

“Lincolnites will listen to the news and they’ll hear of this massive construction project and they’ll just stay home or they’ll go somewhere else,” Witcher said.  “Whatever valet spots are gonna be dedicated to try and valet business people it’s not gonna have any positive effect.”

Ultimately, the redevelopment agreement would include the developer to lease up to 200 parking stalls in a parking garage off of 9th and “Q” Street and make up to 30 parking stalls available to the developer for valet parking when construction gets started, according to Urban Development director Dan Marvin.

The nearly $90-million project would get underway this year if it’s approved by the Lincoln City Council at their April 3 meeting. The 254-foot tall building would include 33 condos, 77 luxury apartments, four floors of commercial space and a private club.

It would also become the second tallest building in Lincoln.

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