The people over at Merriam-Webster must feel like they’re losing their sight, losing their mind now that the dictionary’s current top trending searches are all the lyrics to Papa Roach‘s “Last Resort.”

As Merriam-Webster shares in a Facebook post, the entire top 10 of its “Top Lookups Right Now” ranking is made up of, in order, the opening line of the 2000 single: “Cut my life into pieces/ This is my last resort.”

“We’re not even mad; this is amazing,” the post’s caption reads.

We can only assume that a dictionary, of all places, isn’t lying to us and that this isn’t some kind of nu metal-related prank. If it is, though, this wouldn’t be the first time the lyrics to “Last Resort” were used for a viral meme. Papa Roach has also quoted “Last Resort” to make fun of tweets by former President Donald Trump.

Papa Roach released their latest album, Ego Trip, in 2022.

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