Oh my! Nonpoint releases new, ’The Wizard of Oz’-inspired single, “Heartless”

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Nonpoint is celebrating Valentine’s Day with a new song called “Heartless.”

The track is inspired by The Wizard of Oz and follows a “dark, reimagined version” of the classic Tin Man character.

“Our new single ‘Heartless’ will give you a peek inside the emptiness that drives his rusted cogs toward his target, Emerald City,” says frontman Elias Soriano.

Sample lyrics include “I’m playing with lions and tigers and bears/ witches on fire/ no wizards that care” and “I’m the one leaving the blood-covered footprints on your pretty yellow brick road.”

You can listen to “Heartless” streaming now on YouTube.

“Heartless” follows Nonpoint’s 2022 single “Paper Tigers.” They released a new EP, Ruthless, in 2021; their latest album is 2018’s X.

Nonpoint will launch their similarly Oz-themed Emerald Cities tour in March.

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