Off-Road Diesel Fuel Missing From Equipment, Tanker Truck at North Lincoln Job Site

LINCOLN–(KFOR Jan. 18)–Police are investigating a reported theft of off-road diesel that was taken from equipment some time this past weekend at a work site in far north Lincoln.

It was around 8am Wednesday that LPD was called to the job site along Alvo Road between 14th and 27th Street about the reported fuel theft. A contractor told officers that fuel was taken from earth moving equipment and a tanker truck. The tanker was filled Saturday with 1,000 gallons of off-road diesel fuel and three pieces of equipment are missing about 100 gallons.

The total loss of fuel is estimated at $4,000 and some hand tools were also missing from the fuel truck, which are valued at $200.

Police Sgt. Chris Vollmer said off-road diesel is identical to normal diesel fuel, however red dye is added to identify that it has not been taxed. Off-road diesel is commonly used in farm and construction equipment that does not travel on public roadways.

Anyone with information is encouraged to call Lincoln Police at (402) 441-6000 or Crime Stoppers at (402) 475-3600.