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O Street Traffic Enforcement Detail Extended

Lincoln, NE (July 7, 2021)  Hoping to reduce traffic accidents and promote vehicle safety, the Lincoln Police  Department and the Nebraska State Patrol, will conduct traffic  enforcement details on yet to be determined evenings through July, August and September. The effort will continue a High Visibility Traffic Enforcement Detail that’s already been operating in Lincoln.  The emphasis will be on “O” Street between 17th and 98th Streets. 

The Nebraska Office of Highway Safety will pay overtime for the officers who staff the increased enforcement during  the detail. 

Police say they hope that by raising awareness, along with added enforcement, they can help reduce the number of  traffic accidents resulting in injury or death in 2021 as compared to 2020.

The High Visibility Traffic Enforcement Detail on “O” Street during March, April, May and June yielded the following: 

Total Citations/Warnings/Arrests 442 

Speeding Citations: 88 

Speeding Warnings: 8 

Traffic Signal Citations: 2 

Traffic Signal Warnings: 9 

Stop Sign Citations: 6 

Seatbelt Violations: 28 

Seatbelt Warnings: 15 

No Insurance Violations: 30 

No Insurance Warnings: 19 

No Valid Registration Violations: 55 

No Valid Registration Warnings: 20 

Unnecessary Noise Violations: 14 

Misc. Traffic Violations: 38 

Misc. Traffic Warnings: 96 

Driving Under Suspension: 7 

DUI citation 1 

Narcotic citations 4 

Criminal Violations: 2 

Total Traffic Citizen Contacts: 326 

Suspect Contacted In Lincoln Hit And Run

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