Nothing More frontman Jonny Hawkins has issued a statement regarding an incident in which he ran over his ex-girlfriend with his car.

As previously reported, a police report surfaced on the Nothing More subreddit detailing surveillance footage of the incident, which appears to show a woman getting run over by a car driven by Hawkins after she “violently” fell out of the vehicle.

The report surfaced after the woman, who’d been in a relationship with Hawkins, reportedly shared photos of the injuries she’d suffered.

In an Instagram post, Hawkins gives his side of the story, writing “One night in December 2021, after a series of bad choices by both of us, fueled in part by alcohol, she began to hit me with a full can of beer in the face and eyes while I was driving.”

“As she escalated the situation, I stopped the truck and forced her to get out,” Hawkins continues. “While driving away, I unknowingly ran over her with the back wheel. I had no reason to think she was under the truck, and I left without realizing that she had been injured.”

Hawkins says that he saw her in the hospital once he learned she’d been hurt and “helped her recuperate” once she was discharged. He also says that some of the photos that she’s shared were from surgery she underwent to address an infection from the hospital IV, and not from the truck incident.

Hawkins ended up pleading guilty to negligent vehicular injury, served three days in jail and is continuing community service. He says the couple has tried “several attempts to restore our relationship” before he ended it completely last week.

Nothing More previously shared a statement in support of Hawkins while announcing they’re dropping off their summer tour with Godsmack and Staind.

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