LINCOLN–(KFOR Nov. 16)–Unionized employees at the Starbucks off of 27th and Kensington Drive in north Lincoln joined others across the country Thursday morning to go on strike.

It’s part of the coast-to-coast “Red Cup Rebellion,” demanding the coffee giant stop refusing to bargain with baristas over staffing, scheduling and other issues.” The National Labor Relations Board is prosecuting Starbucks at an ongoing trial in Seattle over this refusal to bargain.

The Starbucks at 27th and Kensington Drive in north Lincoln sits empty, after union workers went on strike on Thursday, Nov. 16, 2023. (Jeff Motz/KFOR News)

According to a news release from union leaders, Starbucks has illegally offered workers at only nonunion stores benefits like credit card tipping that unionized workers have called for since the beginning of the campaign.  The Red Cup Rebellion comes as workers across the economy–from auto workers, to Hollywood writers and actors to fast-food cooks and cashiers, are increasingly taking bold action to demand more from employers who are raking in profits, but failing to share that prosperity with their workers.

KFOR News has reached out to union officials for further comment on the situation and are awaiting a return call.

Last week, Starbucks offered 3% raises to nonunion workers, a move union workers called “tone deaf” given the company’s record fourth quarter revenue and the recent 25% increases won by auto workers.

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